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How the game works


DORGIS-AR Mobile application will be divided into three parts. Each part will be completed during one day, so DORGIS- AR GETS DIGITAL game should last in total 3 days. 
Maximum time for the completion of each part of the DORGIS-AR game: 50 min

The athlete will sign in by opening an account using a nickname.
Then, he will enter the application and perform an Assessment test aiming:
1) to participate to a Psychological and Sociometrics test that will indentify, if he is vulnerable to doping and substances. 
2) to evaluate his existing knowledge on:
a) young athletes’ knowledge on issues related to integrity in sport and what can they do to help protect the integrity of sport;
b) young athletes’ knowledge on issues related to doping, prohibited medication and substances and the dangers that these can cause to their health;
c) healthy nutrition and doping related issues (eg. evaluate the athlete’s understanding of terms like doping, WADA, steroids etc.)
The Assessment test will include Multiple choice questions and emoji slider.

 This part of DORGIS-AR anti-doping game is the major innovation of our project, because there is no other anti-doping mobile app offering this technology.
DORGIS-AR application includes an educational Augmented Reality (AR) game divided into two parts.
The AR game will include the use of two 3D Holograms (a female and a male athlete) that in real time will interact with the user. That means that the Hologram that is the visual representation of a 3D model overlayed onto reality (called augmented reality) will appear through the user’s smartphone in the user’s real word eg. on a table in front of the user, on the floor of his school class or locker room, in the football court next to the other teammates etc.
The user will be able to turn 360° the Hologram, minimize or maximize the figure and place him/her in the smartphone screen where he wants. The Hologram athlete will perform some kind of movement in order to appear even more realistic.
The user chooses his athlete-avatar (female or male) and then he has two options:
a) Feed his hologram/avatar with healthy or non healthy food using drag and drop technology and then see the results of his choices on his avatar’s athletic performance in real time. Also, on the mobile screen will pop-up texts that will explain the benefits or the malefic effects of his food selections and a rating that will influence his hologram/avatar’s athletic performance;

b) Select among the basic categories of prohibited drugs and performance enhancing substances eg. stimulants, steroids, hormones, diuretics, narcotics and cannabinoids and see their side effects on the avatar’s body and athletic performance.
Athletes using anabolic steroids may show for example one of many of the following:
-Weight gain
-Hair loss

-Becoming more masculine (for females) such as body hair growth and deepening of voice
 – Development of abnormally sized breasts (males)

The user will be able to see this damage on the avatar’s body and comprehend the serious side effects they have on an athlete’s organism, if he makes a similar choice in real life.
Also, on the screen will appear texts that will explain the damage that each category of prohibited drugs makes on the human body. Eg. If the user selects anabolic steroids, he will see his hologram grow severe acne.
Then, texts will follow, explaining in a simple for his age way the other side effects that the avatar/athlete will develop and also a rating that will show how much in the long term the athlete will be affected by the use of these prohibited substances.
We believe that the innovative Augmented Reality technology used, will motivate young athletes to use our Anti-doping app and benefit from the knowledge gained.


The last part of our Mobile game will include evaluation interactive quizzes aiming to test the users’ gained knowledge on doping and healthy nutrition.

The user will Drag and drop food for creating a healthy daily menu, get rated for his performance and evaluated for his gained knowledge.
The right food and hydration choices increase the adds of optimal athletic performance and lifelong health. Therefore we must promote proper nutrition and must model healthy food and hydration choices for a young athlete as a counterweight to pro-doping culture.
The user will Pair and match to create the prohibited drug list, matching categories of prohibited drugs with their side effects and get rated for his performance. The user will be evaluated through this interactive quiz for his knowledge gained related to prohibited drugs and substances aiming to prevent doping culture in recreational environment.

At the end of the game, young athletes with the best ratings and scores will be awarded by becoming DORGIS anti-doping helpers and will wear DORGIS-AR t-shirt. These athletes can form a support group for their class or sport team.
Also, during the last day of DORGIS-AR game, all participants (young athletes, teachers, coaches, parents) will have to complete a short Materials Evaluation Form.

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